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What insurance plans do you accept?
We accept most commercial insurance plans. You may also use out-of-network benefits when applicable. We are not providers for Medicaid. Click here for a list of insurance plans.

Do you offer payment plans?
In general, payment is due at the time of service. In some instances where there are large co-pays or deductibles, we can discuss payment arrangements.

Does the doctor run on time?
We make every effort to see you and your child at the appointed time. In some instances, we may run behind. If you are asked to wait, be assured that you will receive our full time and attention when it is your turn. It is important to us to hear fully about your child’s condition and to explain to you the options for treatment.

How long does it take to get an appointment?
In most instances, appointments can be scheduled within a few days. Urgent appointments can often be seen the same day or the next day.

What should I expect at my first office visit? How long will my office visit take?
Please plan on an hour to an hour-and-half for a new patient visit, especially if audiometric (hearing) testing is recommended. Follow-up visits are typically of shorter duration, depending on the complexity of the problem.

If the doctor is unavailable or out of town, who is on call?
Dr. Biavati is typically available by telephone to discuss urgent medical matters. In certain instances, you may be directed to take your child to the Emergency Department for evaluation. If ENT services are needed, a specialist is available to see your child.

If I have a scheduled appointment for one of my children can you "work in" another?
We are happy to accommodate requests to see siblings, if our schedule permits. However, a "quick peek" such as this must be considered an office visit, in regards to billing and insurance. Also, since it is often difficult to work in a second unscheduled patient, we strongly recommend scheduling all appointments in advance.

If my child needs surgery, how soon can it be scheduled?
Depending on the type of surgery required, most surgeries can be scheduled within one to two weeks following your appointment. At certain times of year, (i.e., Spring Break), scheduling surgery may take longer due to higher demand.

Will Dr. Biavati be the surgeon performing the procedure?
Yes. Dr. Biavati treats both medical and surgical problems. If surgery is recommended, he performs the surgery in conjunction with a pediatric anesthesiologist.

At what facilities do you perform surgery?
Most procedures are performed at a day surgery center. In some instances, surgery at a hospital may be recommended. Click here for a list of facilities.

How many of my child's recommended procedure has the doctor performed?
Dr. Biavati has more than 18 years experience encompassing the full breadth of pediatric ENT surgery.

Is Dr. Biavati board certified, and how long has he been practicing?
Dr. Biavati is board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and has undergone specialty training following residency in Pediatric Otolaryngology. He has more than 18 years of experience in pediatric otolaryngology post-medical school training.

Is hearing testing available in the office and if so, who performs it?
If hearing testing is needed, your child will be seen by an audiologist who specializes in pediatrics. Our audiologists are professionals with either a master’s or doctoral level degree.

What, if any, post-operative restrictions does the doctor recommend, and what is the estimated recovery time for my child's procedure?
This depends on the type of procedure performed. Recovery issues specific to any recommended procedure(s) will be explained during your office visit. Click here to find more treatment information.

Do you perform the "laser" surgery for tonsillectomy?
Several techniques are used to remove tonsils. The goal of tonsil removal is to safely remove the tonsils, minimize the risk of postoperative bleeding and lessen postoperative pain. Dr. Biavati will be happy to discuss with you the various techniques and the best technique for you or your child.

Do you give flu shots in the office?
No, we do not offer shots for the prevention of influenza (the “flu”). Please contact your pediatrician or primary care health professional for flu shots.