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meet dr. biavati
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meet piper merrill, MSN, PNP

There is a good chance when you visit us you’ll meet with Piper Merrill. Lucky you. With 26 years’ experience in pediatrics, she’s really good at taking into account the whole child in addition to symptoms of the ears, nose and throat. Always looking for the least invasive, less medicated path, she tries to take a more long term, naturalistic approach. Dr. Biavati entrusts her with all medical management, both as a treatment approach and for post-op care.

Educating parents and kids is Piper's favorite part of the job. “It’s usually the unknown that causes fear. Knowledge diminishes fear and puts control back into parents’ hands,” she explains. She takes the time to explain how we make medical decisions.

When parents understand the process they are less fearful and so are the kids.

It’s not just at the office Piper teaches, she does life coaching and wellness education for young adults at her church. And she’s a voracious lifelong learner – traveling the world, reading, attending conferences, and engaging in self-development. Recently, she spent two years studying leadership in Sydney, Australia, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Theology at The Kings University, Southlake, Texas.